Dr. Wilkins Receives Education Abroad Program Innovation Fund Award

September 28, 2020 - Melinda Wilkins

One Health Practice in India is a new study abroad program under development by the Colleges of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) and Osteopathic Medicine (COM). The program focuses on the integration of human and animal health with full consideration of the environment/ecosystem within which we operate (One Health). This One Health concept is garnering much attention as the world experiences the global COVID-19 pandemic, a virus with animal origins. Students trained in One Health will be better able to tackle the “wicked problems” that plague the world today - problems that require large teams working across disciplines toward a common goal. Zoonotic diseases (diseases that pass between animals and people) are wicked problems. A travel grant was recently obtained by the CVM and COM to send a team to India in 2021 to finalize plans with the goal to offer the program in February 2022. MSGH students will be encouraged to apply.